The Music Program at Friends Music School 
offers the best learning experience with the following music lessons and classes that cover the musical needs of any student:
  • Instrumental Lessons. Our specialized music studios offer private instrumental  lessons for students that wish to learn and/or develop their performance skills on a musical instrument. These lessons are given by experienced teachers/musicians that use the most suitable and effective musical strategies for their students to achieve their best instrumental performance. 
  • Chamber Music. Diverse ensembles that range from 2 to 8 players where students learn and develop their instrumental performance with a group of musicians. Chamber ensembles and their repertoire are arranged by the music faculty according to the musical level of the students and the instruments that form the group.
  • Rock/pop Band. Instrumental ensembles where students perform their favorite
    modern  artists and music styles such as rock, pop, and jazz. Our students are arranged by the music faculty according to the level of the students and the music style to perform.
  • Music Theory Class. A group or individual class where students understand the language of music by learning and practicing its components: rhythm, pitch, harmony, form, and musical composition. An essential class for those students that need to ease and reinforce their music reading and their intonation while playing their instrument.
  • Violin Group Class. A class dedicated to those who wish to learn playing violin with others. A group of students is arranged according to their age to start learning and playing one of the most famous instruments.
For more information about our Music Program please contact us anytime.